How to study AND travel

The age-old issue – I want to travel but I also want to kickstart my career. It’s a tough choice. Or is it?

What if you can have your cake and eat it too- what if you can study AND travel, without missing out? What if you can get hands-on experience AND see the world? We may have 3 perfect solutions for you!

1. Study Abroad

This may seem like the obvious one – but we’re not saying you have to do your whole course in one country! What about taking part in shorter trips, in a variety of destinations? JMC Academy have study abroad options ranging from one week, to 6 months. You could go to Japan, Los Angeles, The Netherlands, London, just to name a few! 

2. Be a tourist in your own country 

With campuses in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, JMC students have the opportunity to transfer to another campus for a trimester. Australia is so huge, people often forget how many amazing things there are to see right here in your own country – so why not give it a go!

3. Later Intake

You don’t have to go straight from high school to college. You don’t have to take a whole gap year. With three intakes a year in February, June and September, you could take half a gap year to travel, before starting your course here at JMC. 
BOOM. Can you imagine? Finish high school, travel for a few months, start the creative course of your dreams in June, go on one (or more) of JMC’s study abroad options, go live in a different state for a few months, and within 2 years you’re graduated fully-qualified, with a wealth of travel under your belt. 
You’re welcome.