How to not let anxiety get in the way of your success

Anxiety can best be described as the uncomfortable feeling of worry or fear that is a normal human response to a lot of situations. Anxiety can affect people differently, both physically and mentally and the symptoms may be short lived or may stay for a long time and can come and go due to triggers. 

When faced with making life changing decisions like where you want your future career path to take you or what to do after high school, or during stressful periods like exam time, symptoms of anxiety may arise or heighten. 

Although sometimes a small amount of stress can be good to help get you through tough situations and get you motivated, when anxiety started becoming a problem, there are some things you can do to stop it getting in the way of achieving your goals. 

Perfect your stress relief techniques

Combine several stress relieving techniques for those high-stress moments. Practising deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation techniques, meditation, and massage therapy can significantly lower stress levels. Check out our blog 'How to beat your nerves' for some calming tips. 

Fail more to succeed more

Don’t let failure stop you. Everyone will fail at some point, but it’s the people that can pick themselves up and keep working through that will be more likely to succeed.  Understand that at some point you are likely to fail, but you are not alone. Don’t let it be what defines you. It is an obstacle, not an end. 

Focus on your goals

Keep reminding yourself what you want and why you are doing it. Passion is a key driver so keep going after what you want and let that help you get back on your feet. 

Look after your health

Quitting smoking and drinking, and making sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet make a big difference to your energy levels. Exercise is also a natural anxiety buster and sleep has a huge effect on physical and emotional health.  Living a healthy lifestyle can really help to reduce your stress and anxiety so take care!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Having someone to talk to can make heaps of difference. JMC Academy offers Student Support to anyone that asks for it. Whether it’s emotional support or academic support, we have people at hand on campus to help you with any issues you may be facing. All you have to do is ask.  Don’t be ashamed of your anxiety, it is a very natural thing and happens to a lot more people than you realise. 

Find out more about studying here at JMC Academy or enquire to find out more about our student support systems in place. 

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