How to make a good decision

Life, It’s full of decisions that need to be made. Should I eat this cake, go to this event, study this course, apply for this job? So how do you make the right decision, every time?

Internationally known and respected psychologists Irving L. Janis and Leon Mann came up with a smart and interesting method called the ACIP Decision Making Method to help you answer that question. 

Here at JMC Academy, we work hard to teach our students the creative skills they need, provide them with professional opportunities, and help them to make the right choices to succeed in life and in their careers. Therefore, we thought we would share this simple, science-based way to make a good decision so you can get a helping hand too. 

All you have to do is follow these 4 steps, sit back, and take 'ACIP' of your coffee. Simple. 

A stands for Alternatives. 

When making an important decision, look at all your choices. Ask yourself, "Are there any other ways I can solve this problem? Is there something I could or should eat instead of this cake? Is there something better to do than go to this event? Are there any courses better for me?”

C stands for Consequences. 

Make a pro and con list in your head. Pro= Cake. Con = None.  When making a decision, it’s always wise to make sure your pro list is longer or more substantial than your cons. 


Be creative and go ahead and sing, draw, film, whatever your passion is, go and do it.

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I stands for Information. 

Search for new information about any other options you are considering. Take a look at other courses or jobs that may be more suited to you, do the research that can further build your pro and cons list. 

P means Plans. 

Make detailed plans for how you will carry out your decision, and what you will do if you it was the wrong choice – make a plan B. 

Good luck and make good decisions. 

P.s. The answer is Yes. You should eat that cake. Every time. Yummmmmm

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