Hello Hollywood! Blog Entry #1

Sunday, 24 May 2015
5:07 PM
Welcome to the City of Angels!

After a day to recuperate from the 13 hour long haul flight, JMC Students set out for their first experience in the heart of Hollywood.

Staying at our home away from home - Oakwood Apartments in Toluca Hills - we began our day with a complimentary American continental breakfast: danishes, waffles with butter & syrup, croissants and Bingo! It’s only been two days in LA and it's already tough to decide on what we want to eat. With a lot of Hispanic influence, Los Angeles features great Mexican flavours, hundreds of burgers to choose from, food trucks and the extra serving of french fries on the side! There's always something new to try and I doubt we will ever get bored.
After breakfast, we hopped onto our bus to experience The Grove, an ornate retail and entertainment complex that offers a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants. While at The Grove, we noticed little quirks very different to back home. On an escalator Michelle and I stepped to the left and I wondered why the lady on my right behind me wasn't moving. I then realised that people in LA move to the right, whether it's going up the escalator or walking through a street. Even though I knew people drove on the right side, what they did on the streets was completely oblivious to me. It's those little nuances that make this culture shock more enjoyable.
After The Grove, we got lost in the LA's famous Farmers Market! It boasts over 100 gourmet grocers, restaurants and boutiques offering every single souvenir we'd need for the trip back home. Then we drove around the heart of Hollywood, driving along Santa Monica and Rodeo Drive; and taking a peek through Beverly Hills (whilst trying to spot famous people!)
That was only Day 2. I can't wait to experience the rest of the week!

By Sanita Khandharixay, Entertainment Business Management Student, Sydney Campus

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Students at The Grove in Los Angeles. Photo by Kirsten Livie-Primero.