Getting to Graduate Debt-Free: Scholarship Student in Focus

To ensure passionate prospective students have every opportunity to enhance their technical ability and pursue their talent to the highest possible level, JMC Academy offers up to 8 Academic Undergraduate Scholarships in each campus each year.

As well as enabling students to graduate debt-free, the scholarship presents a wealth of opportunities throughout the course. We chatted to Trimester 3 Entertainment Business Management student Jordan to find out more about how her scholarship has helped her. 

Why did you want to study Entertainment Business Management?

I knew that I wanted to study events and I have always loved music and the entertainment industry so JMC was the only institution that offered me all of that as well as a Management degree. It was a pretty simple decision, it suited exactly what I wanted to study to the ‘T’ and it was just a bonus that I really liked JMC as an institution too. 

What has getting this scholarship enabled you to do? 

The scholarship has been such a privilege for me, it has enabled me to attend events and meet people which I might not have normally be able to do. I have gained knowledge and experience as well as personal skills which I will use for the rest of my life. Besides the incredible opportunities that the scholarship has given me, It has also assisted myself and my parents financially. We moved from South Africa to Australia almost 4 years ago and this scholarship was a blessing for me and my family. It means that I get to study something I am completely passionate about with so many wonderful extra opportunities while taking financial pressure off my parents. 

How was the scholarship application process?

The scholarship application process was a three-step process. 
When I was applying at JMC the student recruiter who interviewed me told me a little about the scholarship opportunity, she believed I would make a good scholarship student. Following this I attended a scholarship info evening - this was very useful because it gave me great insight into what the student recruiters look for in a scholarship student and current scholarships students advised what the recruiter team would look for in a portfolio in order to select the right EBM scholarship student. 

Once I had all of this information I put together my portfolio -delivering it to JMC before the closing date. Once the student recruiters had received the portfolios, they selected a short list of people who they were most impressed by in terms of their portfolios. Fortunately, I was one of those students and I received an email saying that I was shortlisted and that I needed to pick a time to attend an interview with a panel from JMC. The interview was far more relaxed then I thought it would be and the student recruiters made me feel very comfortable. We chatted for a while and they got to know more about me as well as assessing whether I would be a good ambassador for JMC. After this interview, I got a call to let me know that I had received the scholarship and from there things started falling into place pretty quickly. 

What did you include in your portfolio?

In my portfolio, I included a lot of information about myself and my personal life. My categories included things about my childhood and where I grew up, my friends, my family, my hobbies etc.. I also included some impressive things about myself (which was very intentional because I wanted to impress ;)) and these included things like my awards, certificates and qualifications as well as how I have been an ambassador previously, including three references from teachers, principles and employers. All I wanted to focus on in my portfolio, as cheeky as it sounds, was me. My portfolio was all about me which is exactly what the student recruiters expect because it gives them a useful insight into who we are and whether we are the person they want as the scholarship student or not.

How have you found your time at JMC? 

Simply, my time here at JMC could be described best in three words; exciting, passionate and enlightening. Although I have only been at JMC for two trimesters, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Coming to JMC means that I get to be surrounded by people who are like-minded and who are as passionate about the entertainment industry as I am, these people are not only the students, they are the staff and the lecturers that work for JMC too. Besides the authentic and creative people that I have had the privilege of meeting here at JMC there are also loads of exciting events I get to attend as well as the endless opportunities that are presented to me which have given me priceless experience and have opened my eyes to what the entertainment industry is like in the real world. Besides all of this, the information I have learnt from my lectures, is information I believe, I would not be able to find at any other university because it is taught by an individual who has been in the industry themselves and this gives all of my units a personal touch.

What have been your favourite things?

A lot of my favourite things have been experienced because I am a scholarship student, however, I do believe that because of how JMC students interact with each other, I still would have had these but just not as soon into my JMC journey. As the scholarship student, I immediately had contact with staff that work at JMC, through these contacts I was asked to take over one of JMC’s local student activities known as “Wing It Wednesdays” which is a karaoke/free style night at a local jazz club. Students perform on Wednesday nights for their peers simply just for fun and to gain some experience. As I was the one who began running these events I got loads of work/life experience as well as the opportunity to meet many of my peers from different courses at JMC! 
I even got to sing occasionally which was something I really enjoyed and don’t get to do very often. Simply, my favourite things have been meeting other musically passionate people as well as attending and running events which has given me invaluable experience. 

How do you think JMC has prepared you for life after graduation?

I think that the personal skills I have developed from being a scholarship student will contribute and be an advantage after I graduate. I have developed my confidence, people skills as well as my public speaking skills already in this process. Beside my personal skills I have also made some amazing contacts with people in the industry who I will definitely keep in touch with in the future. 

What advice would you give people considering applying for a scholarship?

The advice I would give to people considering applying for the scholarship is to just go for it! You have nothing to lose from the entire process and if you do end up succeeding then you get an incredible opportunity out of it. Be yourself because being yourself will make you stand out from the other applicants. Be confident in who you are, in your accomplishments and in your abilities, this will shine through and reveal how suited you really are for the ambassador position. 
Be open minded and ready for challenges, show commitment, embrace JMC and all that it’s about, take every opportunity to learn about your peers and your industry but most importantly, bring passion in whatever you do.

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