Game Development Graduate: ​Nicholus Herrera

Game Development graduate Nicholus Herrera has recently been working for Cobbstar productions on a VR project and web series called the Dream Channel, providing programming assistance for the navigation and live streaming the video content. gamedev-nic.jpg

He has also recently started an internship at Red Cartel, working on projects that utilize his knowledge of Unity to gain more real experience on working in the industry. 

Since graduating, Nicholas has been aware of the importance of networking, so he has been interning at a variety of companies to further build his skills and contacts in the industry. 

“I would say my favourite part of working in the industry is being able to connect with people that have the same passion for games and applications that I do.”

“Whilst studying at JMC, I found that the one-to-one support from lecturers really pays off when it comes to preparing for deadlines. All of the assessments were treated as a client brief, and the tutors helped break down the brief enough so I knew which steps to take to produce the polished product.”

My advice to current students would be to always ask questions if ever hesitating about how to approach the projects/ assessments. I would also suggest making a definite time management schedule to balance between assessments and social activities because it can get really stressful and difficult at times to keep focusing on just one or the other.”

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