Four Game Design Alumni on building their own game development studio

Four Game Design Alumni, Daniele, Patrick, Julian and Vincent have put their heads together to recognise their dream: starting their very own Gaming Development Studio: Royal Potato Studio! These four have been hard at work developing their first project, 'Cyber Cycle', which has just been released for download. We had a chat with Daniele to talk about Royal Potato, Cyber Cycle and his time at JMC​.

"The more passion you have the greater the reward"

How did it come about with yourselves working together to form this company?

During our last few months of university we had talked of how great it would be to run our own gaming studio. So, at the beginning of the year myself, Patrick Duffy, Vincent Ying and Julian Wood planned to set up our own company and after many face-to-face meetings, we were all on board and Royal Potato was born.

How have you found it building Royal Potato Studios?

At first it was a bit daunting. We weren’t sure which forms to fill out and who to contact. But, after various meetings with accountants it felt a lot easier and we managed to set everything up quite quickly. Researching different types of business structures about the positives and negatives of each was vital.

Tell us about 'Cyber Cycle' and how it was created.

Cyber Cycle was a Major Project work for University. It began as a side project for previous JMC Alumni, Vincent. By pitching it as a major project he was soon joined by myself, Patrick, Abdullah Erguven and Bartholomew Heeren. The game itself is a 3D low-poly cyberpunk racing game, it includes single player and split-screen modes, available free to download.

What are your plans for Royal Potato?

We are now developing multiple games both on PC and mobile. We are also looking into FilmVic and their funding opportunities for our future project. In the near future we would love to have our own office space. At the moment we work remotely and hold weekly meetings in cafes’ to put more money into licensing and software.

How do you think your time at JMC has helped you?

JMC helped us to develop our skills and grow our creative passions. It provided us with the equipment needed to learn and allowed us to make connections we otherwise wouldn’t have. Most importantly it brought us together.

What were your favourite things about studying at JMC?

Working in groups as it felt like working in an actual development studio. Trying out and learning new software. Virtual Reality implementation in our games. Being in an environment filled with like-minded people with similar interests.

What advice would you give to other students?

Act as if it is your full-time job. The more passion you have the greater the reward.

​To download 'Cyber Cycle', click here.

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Check out the trailer for 'Cyber Cycle below!