Design Conversations with Devotion Digital

Thinking about a career in design? We went to the creative hub that is Devotion Digital - a boutique digital agency located in Paddington, Sydney, to hear what today's design professionals had to say about design as a career.

Wes.PNGWe spoke to four of the agency's top creatives, including Joe Peschardt (Head of Account Service), Simon Lester (Director & Designer), Wesley Joseph (Senior Designer) and Andrew Whitehead (Managing & Creative Director). Here, they tell us what they think is important in design today, what students need to know before starting a career in design, and what they look for in a young designer.


Joe Peschardt - Head of Account Service

What do students need to know before getting into design - that's a really good question. Look, there are a couple of different things. From where you go to the start of your career with hopes of massive change in the world and really revolutionising things in design, I think there needs to be a level set of expectation that you're going to make incremental change and incremental growth in that space, but real change in design takes along time to do. That's not to dampen enthusiasm or anything like that but it's more just to say that some of the work that you see out there which you might not instantly think is outstanding design, took a lot of effort and work to get to where it was; from where it was to where it went to. 

Simon Lester - Director & Designer

What do you look for in a young designer? 

I think for a young designer it's taken as a given that they're going to come with plenty of design skills or at least a passion for what they're actually going to be doing. But it's really really important I think to actually bring something else to the party - another string to your bow. So whether or not that's a passion for gaming, or for a particular type of technology or a social media platform, all of these things are going to be really really beneficial to the business that's going to be employing you in the long term. 

Wesley Joseph - Senior Designer

What's important in design today is to be observant in all of your surroundings, from a very young age you're influenced by all of these elements from apps to games to websites to TV and all of these visuals are constantly impacting on you, and these are the things that you need to register and pretty much just take in like a sponge because you're going to need them down the line.

Andrew Whitehead - Creative & Managing Director

What's what's important in design today? 

I think what's important in design today is a fundamental understanding of simplicity, context and personalisation. So to me, those are the three kind of key things. Simplicity in design - making it simple and easy to engage. Context around what people are engaging with, and making it relevant to them at a particular time, and personalisation in terms of the fact that everyone wants it to be about them. 

The things we look for in a young designer are pretty simple. Eagerness to learn on the job, eagerness to push boundaries, take on new challenges and question the briefs they're actually being given, and an eagerness to participate and broaden their horizons, and not necessarily say "I'm a designer, I only want to be a designer", but understand the different disciplines that exist around them, be it copywriting, be it user experience design, be it business analysis & so forth, you know, being able to broaden your scope makes you a better designer.