Damien Schneider - Technical Animation on Happy Feet 2

Graduating from the Animation Degree in 2010, Damien's recent roles include the technical animator on Happy Feet 2, creator of the iPad app ‘Inside the World of Dinosaurs which was narrated by Stephen Fry and won the Best Educational App for 2012, and currently working on an iPad treasure hunt app for Museums Victoria.

His broad job descriptions means Damien is able to work on a lot of character driven projects, setting up characters and doing the character animation. 

damien_2.jpgHe notes "A lot of people on my course came from strictly technical backgrounds, and a lot came from an artistic setting. I was one of the few who had done programming and visual design previously, so I usually ended up with the roles that are a cross between technical and the creative. This is what got me into the job working on Happy Feet 2; a bridge between the technical and creative sides"

Damien, who chose JMC Academy for his Bachelor of Creative Arts (3D Animation) liked the idea of smaller class sizes. He soon realised there was a lot more to animation than drawing, and althought you don't need to be a great artist to land a role, being able to draw is handy.