Behind the scenes of a TV set

JMC Academy Entertainment Business Management student Jasmine Ortiz recently went behind the scenes at 'The Biggest Looser' to find out what happens. We caught up with her to find out the juicy gossip...

Tell me about your time on set at The Biggest Loser?tbl4.jpg

I had a wonderful time! The time from entrance to finishing taping ended a little later than expected, but it was still cool! My hands hurt from clapping, but having a chance meeting with Michelle Bridges was all worth it! The food was great and the location was awesome. I must admit that the sheer size of the set combined with all the equipment and people - both audience and crew - was a little daunting. There was two levels! Some of the lucky ones (myself included) got to go upstairs and look around (okay it was for the bathrooms but still it was a very open space upstairs - and Michelle Bridges! eek!)

The experience of learning what goes into producing and taping such a successful show in real time really complimented with what I have learned at JMC Academy.

What did you find that you weren’t aware of before watching the ‘behind the scenes’ workings?

In this particular instance, the thing that got me (and pretty much everyone else who hadn’t been to the set of TBL) was that the scales segment used for weighing was filmed in real time and we were all expecting a green screen or CGI (and the fact that there were different scales being set up by the crew in under 5 minutes). Turned out the whole stage/background was all ready to go!

I also wasn't aware that the model who was hosting wasn’t expected to have or learn a script - she had to use the teleprompter, which was fun to watch. There was also the fact that Michael Pope was teaching us hand signals that he used for certain segments of the programme, I really wasn’t expecting that!

What did this teach you about where you perhaps want to work and the roles you could work in after JMC?

Before going behind the scenes of The Biggest Loser, I was considering working in Events Management (the reason why I go to JMC). After being on set and observing what goes on behind- the-scenes of TBL and how fast paced working for any TV show is, I’m now torn between Events Management or working in some form of capacity in the television realm (perhaps, one day, a producer like Michael Pope?)

How has JMC helped prepare you for the industry?

In the two trimesters that I have studied at JMC Academy, I already feel like I have a foot on the ladder in the entertainment industry. JMC gives its students ample opportunities to go out in the real world to observe and network about what happens in the industry and what’s expected of you. From learning about Professional Communication and Professional Practice to learning the legalities of contracts, and how a business structure works, I am far more confident about having knowledge in the industry than I was before I started here. I honestly can’t wait to continue my education at JMC Academy, and encounter more great experiences such as this one!

Thanks Jasmine! We wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to work in!

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