Audio-Technica on the benefits of Professional Audio in Gaming.

With a passion for all things creative, and courses in both Audio and Game Development, we were excited to get the chance to discuss the movement of Audio in gaming. 

With Audio-Technica becoming more prominent in the gaming industry with regards to improving gaming audio, we wanted to know exactly what the benefits were for consumers, of the company moving into games.

We chatted to Audio-Technica to find out. 


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 “The industry is always changing and evolving, with products being released, new technology developments and increased investments in marketing and sponsorship.  

There was a big problem in the gaming audio peripheral market - there wasn’t a great, natural sounding gaming headset. As a professional audio company, we strive to create the best audio solution to solve the problem at hand. This means when we think about our headsets, we don’t think about how many flashing lights it will have, if it will alter the sound of your voice or connect wirelessly to my console - we just think about how good we can make this headset sound and that is something appreciated by our customers.

Sound quality and comfort are our focus when creating our headsets, which are the main two factors anyone buying an ordinary pair of headphones are looking for. The gaming market is often flooded with ‘7.1 surround sound’ headsets, that only warp and alter the sound with overpowering mid and low frequencies. Our original ‘professional’ headphones are already so popular for gaming due to their audio quality, flat frequencies and sound imagery which gives us a fantastic reference point to provide the perfect listening experience without the need to alter the sound. 

Cracking the gaming peripheral market has not been an easy task nor is it something you can achieve through a single product release. However, our strength and point of difference is purely our quality products and that comes from our rich history of being a professional audio company for over 50 years. 

Our first gaming headsets, the ADG1 and AG1, were purely based on customer feedback and the success of our high fidelity and professional headphone ranges. The ATH-AD700 and ATH-M50 were often reviewed as some of the ‘best gaming headphones’ on the market, whilst not being a gaming headphone at all. We knew there and then that our products brought something to this market that no one was yet able to do, and that was to create a no-nonsense solution that just sounded perfect for gaming.

Apart from having excellent headphones to base our gaming headsets on, we’re lucky enough to manufacture and engineer some of the best sounding microphones in the world. With a microphone being 50% of a headset, it was incredibly important to produce a microphone that not only sounded fantastic, but powered well off all devices and is built to last. The microphones on our new gaming headsets (both P-Series and A-Series) are some of the best in the gaming industry and are great for streaming, voice recording or just yelling at your team mates.

With the direction the industry is heading and the amount of gamers wanting to branch into streaming and content creation, we also provide a fantastic solutions that bridges the gap of ‘consumer’ and ‘professional’ products. 

The rest of the consumer market is also leaning towards the sound and reliability of professional products, which is where our other consumer headphones flourish. They’re all based around our successful professional audio products and maintain that signature Audio-Technica sound that users are used to, but in a more accessible, fashionable and now wireless format. This means that users who truly care about sound quality don’t have to compromise when looking for a solution, they can easily get the professional product but in a consumer package.”

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