An International Music Student in Australia - My story.

International scholarship student Rachel Morais has spent the past 7 months studying as Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance) at JMC Academy at our Brisbane campus. She shares her experiences of moving to Brisbane from Malaysia. 

My Australian Adventure 

My time here in Australia has been anything but dull and uneventful. Each day presents something new for me to learn, experience and grow. I can safely say that living here in Brisbane has not only been overwhelming and challenging but it has been life changing. 
None of these experiences would have been made into reality if it was not for the opportunity given to me by JMC Academy to pursue what I am most passionate about: music. Thinking back on where I was last year, crafting and developing my skills and talent in music seemed like a far-fetched idea as there wasn’t a great avenue for music in Malaysia. I yearned to truly understand what being a musician really is. I also desired to experience living life in a foreign country with a totally different culture and lifestyle. JMC Academy has more than met all of my expectations in the last 7 months.


Through this opportunity, I have been given the chance to perform at a variety of venues with my course mates, helping me get an idea of what’s it like working with wonderful talents and making music together. My pre-performance anxiety has also significantly decreased through the frequent live performance opportunities through JMC Academy’s music course! The course has also pushed me out of my comfort zone and has helped me build up confidence with others and in myself. 

Making friends

Though I’ve been having a great time emersing myself into the chilled out vibe of Australia, I’ve had many challenges that I was forced to face as an international student, one the main obstacles was being away from home. Having not stayed outside of Malaysia and on my own before, I don’t think I was ever prepared to embrace life on my own in a new country. Initially, it was tough as I was trying to get to know the lifestyle here in Brisbane (which I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying!) yet dealing with the cultural differences. Thankfully, I was never alone. The friends I’ve made and the people I’ve met in Brisbane have been extremely friendly and warm towards me. I definitely could not have found my feet here in Brisbane without the wonderful hospitality I’ve been experiencing. 


On top of that, Australia is such a beautiful country! Walking to JMC for classes is a treat for me because I get to marvel at how lovely this country is. 

It has been an absolute joy and blessing making a life for myself in Brisbane, Australia but an even greater experience growing and learning at JMC Academy.

To learn more about studying at JMC as an international student click here.


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