A Women in a Games World

Evolving faster than almost any other industry in the world, the video game industry has seen exponential growth which has no doubt played a big part in Alumni Sofia Moriatis' journey from studying at JMC to landing her dream role!

Sofie is proud to be working for EA Firemonkeys Studio


Now an Associate Experience designer at EA Firemonkeys Studio, Sofia lets us in on your journey entering the Games Industry and how women's roles in the industry are changing for the better!‚Äč

What drew you to the world of gaming?


How has your experience in the industry led you to your current role?


What are your predictions about women’s role in the future of the games?


How has the recent global events impacted the industry?


Sofia Moriatis Graduating back in 2017

Do you see further opportunities for growth in gaming?


What advice would you give to girls who are interested in entering the Gaming Industry? 


How did studying at JMC prepare you for the creative industry? 


DiscIaimer Sofia is here to represent only herslef and not EA, all views are her own.

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