​What to do when you feel the career you’re in is no longer for you.

Many people reach a point in their life when they feel that what they are working in or maybe even studying mayno longer be what they dreamed of.

It may be that you have been pressured into an industry you have little interest in, have discovered that the industry may not be what you thought it would be, the industry has changed rapidly into something completely different to what you signed up for, or you have just grown tired of working on the same tasks. 

Changing your career path doesn’t have to be scary!

It can be a difficult period of your life when the uncertainty of not knowing where you are heading is compounded by an even bigger obstacle; a lack of confidence in your decision to make the change in the first place. Once this fear is unlocked, the potential and opportunity to see some positive alternatives will soon follow. 

For the fortunate few who may actually know what area they may want to get into, the recommendation would be to follow it!! These few simple tips will help you get the ball rolling.  

Find out how to get into whatever it is, and make your dream a reality. We often have students come to us here at JMC Academy completely having changed their career trajectory – from lawyers, nurses and engineers, to accountants, and everything in between – they’ve taken the plunge to honour and pursue their innate passion for Music, Game Development, Digital Design or any of our other creative courses. 

2. Edit your CV to match that of the career you are looking for, rather than the one you have previously been working in, to make sure it shows your passion to move into this industry. 

For those that have NO IDEA what to do next. 


1.    Write it all down. 

What do you enjoy doing? What do you not enjoy about your current career? Read up about various jobs and write some down that take your fancy. Do your research!

2.    Don’t search for a job

If you hand your CV to a recruitment consultant, they will most likely send you off to interviews that match your previous experience, which, as you know, is not the kind of career you want to carry on in. This may make you feel worse, and give you the false idea that the only work you’re cut out for is in what you are currently doing. THIS IS NOT TRUE. 

3.    Don’t just think about it. 

Start trying things out that you may be interested in. Read more articles on topics that interest you. Look into courses that sound appealing. The likely hood is, if it sounds interesting to study, it will be interesting to work in. Remember, every job that you see someone doing is a job you could somehow get, the possibilities are endless. 
So do something about it. 
Start now!

4.    Have a look at some of our creative courses to get you started; 

Contemporary music and performance
Song Writing
Digital Design 
Game Development
Audio Engineering and Sound Production
Entertainment Business Management
Film and TV Production

Good luck on your career change, and be brave! 

Reach out and take the chance.

You can do it! A whole new world of creative working is looking for people just like you ☺

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