​What is UX design?

To put it simply, UX design is the process of designing (digital or physical) products that are useful, easy to use, interact with and understand.

It is about thinking of the journey a user will take, and how to make it a better experience for them. 

A group of JMC Academy Digital Design students collaborated with a real client based in Sydney. As a team, they designed a new experience for the client, solving the clients problem through the entire design process including user research, wireframing, prototyping and then presented it to the client.


Through interview research with the target market, an example customer is designed (user persona). Their particular problems (pain points) are taken into account when designing the wireframes to make sure that the user experience is smooth.  
Starting from pencil and paper, the students think of different ways in how to execute the problems that need to be solved. They use their research to sketch the wireframes - the rough guide for the layout of a website or app.

The paper prototype #appdesign #appdesigner #UI #wireframe #digitaldesign #paperprototype

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Digital Wireframes

Using software such as Axure design software, they then refine the scope and structure of the website, turning the sketches and ideas into digital wireframes.  These are then developed further through usability testing, and building multiple prototypes including high fidelity prototypes that walk the user through each page of the site from beginning to end. 

Cardtoss UI prototype. By Rahul. #UI #digital #design

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Look and feel

UX design also needs to pay attention to the artistic design of the website to make the appearance of the site appeal to the customers and keep them engaged.  The art direction and graphics/ visuals of the website are extremely important and would be designed with the example customer in mind. Photo-shoots and digital experimentation are included in the design process to create the perfect design to match the web design. 

To find out how to design the perfect user friendly website, enquire about studying our Digital Design course. 

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