11 factors to consider when looking for a Higher Education school for your child

Once your child has decided on an industry they want to study, the next question is ‘WHERE should I study?’.

Each Higher Education provider is different, and with many to choose from, we have put together a list of the top priority things you should consider when choosing which school your child should attend.  

Think of it as a sort of check-list of school must-haves!

Industry Professionals

It is important to choose a school that has industry professionals teaching, as they not only truthfully know their industry inside-out, but can help the students network and gain them industry work placements. JMC Academy’s lecturers are all industry professionals, many or most still work in the industry today.  Having lecturers that work in the industry alongside teaching translates into lecturers that are relevant and en-pointe with the latest technology, emerging trends and areas of employment growth. 


Especially for creative courses such as Audio Engineering and Sound Production, Game Development and Contemporary Music Performance, the facilities that are available on campus are so important. We all know how quickly software and hardware become superseded. You want your child to gain experience working directly on the tools that they would use while working in the industry. JMC Academy has the top facilities for each course, all constantly being updated to be in keeping with the industry professional equipment and tools. 

Graduate Students

Have a look at what their Alumni have gone on to work in. This can often show the quality of the teaching and course specific jobs that may be available after your child has graduated. Our Alumni have gone on to do amazing things including working for Universal Music, Foxtel, Ubisoft, Pixarstudios, Beyond Productions, gaining record contracts with Sony and Warner, and so much more. Have a look here. 

Gaining a Job after the course

Ask what the school does to help students gain jobs after graduation. JMC Academy has a variety of initiatives to help students secure jobs after graduating.  We put together a ‘Speed Networking Event’ for our Animation and Game Development students and invite a wide variety of industry professionals to look at their work and meet the students, sort of mini job interviews. This is very successful and has helped many of our students directly gain jobs after graduation. 

Work Placements

Having a degree is important, but employers want to see that students have made the most of their time and have gained experience in the industry. JMC Academy work hard to make sure students gain a wealth of industry experience during the duration of their course so they can leave us with a strong CV or showreel. Having industry professionals at our disposal provides many opportunities for the students to carry out work placements. Furthermore, our Make It With JMC initiative gives students the opportunity to work on commercial real projects alongside the Academy’s marketing department including Radio Campaigns (Audio Engineering students, Music students and Entertainment Business Management Students), Billboard and Digital Design artwork (Animation or Digital Design Students), Merchandise designs and much more. The students are not only paid for their work, but are given the experience of working with industry professionals, and a strong reference.  

The Course

If your child is unsure of exactly what they want to do after graduation, make sure you pick a course that could lead to a variety of different jobs rather than a very specific course. For example, our Digital Design course allows graduates to not only design websites and apps, but also interactive spaces, artistic direction, graphics and a wide variety of other career paths. This may also be said of our Entertainment Business Management course where the business fundamentals taught in this course are so comprehensive, they may be applied to the running of any business. It offers teaching in events, project and artist management and everything in between.    


Find out what connections your schools of interest have. This can often reflect their standing within the academic circle and can also provide the opportunity for studying abroad. For example, JMC Academy has connections with the Berklee School of Music, Fontys School and the LA Film School, allowing our students the opportunity to visit and learn at these schools and attended workshops hosted by them. 

Student Satisfaction 


Obviously the happiness of your child is your number one priority.  Check the student satisfaction rate of the school and speak to current students at open days to get their opinions on the courses and school overall. JMC Academy student satisfaction rate is at an incredible 83%, which reflects the dedication to our students’ wellbeing and happiness throughout their time here. We also have a strong support system including an onsite councillor and academic student support department to assist students throughout their degree with their work. 


Location can be an important factor! Whether your child wants to stay near you, or move away would obviously impact the choice of school. Luckily, JMC Academy has campuses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney so you can choose!

Class Sizes

Find out how big the class sizes of each course would be as this can impact the learning of your child. JMC Academy classes are much smaller than bigger universities, allowing for more one on one time with the tutors so they can learn students’ names and spend more time on each individual’s needs and learning style. 

Fee Help

Courses at times can be costly, so find out beforehand what fee help is available for that particular school as they often vary. Student Recruitment advisors can help you with the process of applying for any help and grants if you enquire here. Additionally, JMC Academy also has a scholarship programme meaning that if your child qualified, they would receive their degree free of charge!

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