​The chance of a lifetime: moving across the world to pursue a dream.

Brazilian international student Cristiano Muniz started studying Audio Engineering at JMC Academy’s Sydney campus earlier this year.

He writes about his experience of moving country, changing career and bravely pursuing his dream.

"This experience has been breathtaking! It involved a big decision and a significant turn of events: I quit my job, moved to another country and started a new education in the area I am passionate about: music production. After extensive research I found Australia had some of the most significant music and arts schools worldwide. It seemed like a perfect choice to be in a place with a stable economy, good weather, great food and excellent education opportunity: the chance of a lifetime

Many would say it would be a foolish idea for a 27-year-old with a nice stable job and a bachelor in IT to start a whole new career from scratch on the other side of the world…. but a dream is always a dream, and always worth taking the risk! Now, six months after my first class I can say that while I chose a new education opportunity, I got a whole new lifestyle instead. With a huge infrastructure, great student support and qualified teachers that have experience with Australia’s greatest artists, I now find myself in the middle of a dream!

muniz.jpgAcoustics, Electronics, Studio Practice and other subjects have been part of my everyday life. If all of that alone doesn’t sound amazing, try to imagine it combined with full access to top industry gear and use of JMC’s studios even for personal projects. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?  

I would recommend anyone wanting to take their creative arts education to the next level, to embrace the experience in this world renowned institution, in this welcoming and multicultural city, with this team that made my transition feel so natural. Thank you JMC Academy!" 

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