​SIGGRAPH at JMC Academy

JMC is proud to announce that it is the new venue for the monthly events of Sydney ACM SIGGRAPH.

SIGGRAPH is best known internationally for the annual SIGGRAPH conference on computer graphics for film, television and new media, held in California. The Sydney chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH presents a variety of events throughout the year to benefit the digital arts industry and education community. All SIGGRAPH events held at JMC Academy are free for JMC students and staff, and for SIGGRAPH members. 

Head of the Animation and Game Development courses here at JMC Academy, Sean Callinan, discusses the benefits of hosting SIGGRAPH at JMC.  

‘This is such a great opportunity for our students, and having the talks at JMC Academy is a fantastic resource. It is also very beneficial for SIGGRAPH as, with a bigger space, it allows for a larger audience. As we are based in a central location in Ultimo, it is easier for not only our own students to attend, but students from surrounding schools and industry professionals working in the city. With such experienced practitioners speaking, it really is a great connection to the industry for news, knowledge and contacts.’

The last few SIGGRAPH meetings at JMC Academy have seen a variety of highly accredited industry professionals sharing their knowledge and experience. In February, JMC and SIGGRAPH welcomed Writer/Director Alex Weight who spoke about his career and how to start and develop a career in animation. He has been working professionally in 3D Animation and VFX for 18 years with experience at Rising Sun, Animal Logic, and Flying Bark on films such as George of the Jungle 2, Happy Feet and Blinky Bill: the Movie 2015 (Director). He talked about getting into the industry and what people look for in an employee; not just about the skillsets and portfolio but about the qualities of the person. 

Most recently, we saw director David Carden-Smith, who brought twenty years of animation experience on projects like Happy Feet, Rogue and Ice Age, to name a few, to a session that covered animation storytelling from pre-production to delivery. He covered directing storyboard artists, layout, animators, and voice performers, and the nuances of working in a cross-global production environment, drawing on his experiences working in international animated series television production in Thailand. 

We look forward to future SIGGRAPH meetings at JMC Academy, and invite you to come along. 

For more information on upcoming events, visit Sydney SIGGRAPH’s website.

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