​Shortcuts for Photoshop


So we should all know the standard copy & Paste shortcuts ; Control or  Command C for Copy and Control orCommand V for paste, depending on whether you have a Windows or a Mac OS.

 However, whether you study Digital Design, Game Development or Animation, or use Photoshop for any other reason (it may just be editing selfies), we can help you make the experience smoother. 

We’ve put together some key shortcuts that you should consider using during your Photoshop use. Please remember that we will be referring to Macs here, so if you are using Windows, when we say Command, just replace it with the Control Key. 

Let’s start off with some of the lost useful shortcuts; 

Zoom in: Command +
Zoom Out: Command –

Undo last action – Command Z

Save – Alt, Command S
Save as – Shift, Command S

To view your image full screen - F

When moving and resizing things;

To move or change the size of an image (Free Transform) – Command T
Remember to hold SHIFT to keep the same proportions.

To highlight everything - Command A

To get out of a crop tool and cancel - ESC

ps2.jpgSelecting tools; 

Move tool- Shift V 

Magic wand- Shift W

Crop Tool- Shift C

Eraser tool – Shift E

Type Tool – Shift T

Other useful shortcuts to remember;

To cycle through open documents- Control + Tab 

Duplicate – Comm J

To change size of brush tool- use [ for smaller and ] for bigger

To create a new layer- Shift, Command, N

We hope this helps!
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