Animation Alumni: ​Li Wen Koh

Li Wen Koh studied Animation here at JMC Academy, and has now worked in some incredible roles. We chat to him to hear his advice to current students... 

Tell me about your time working at LemonSky?KOALUMNI.jpg

I started back in 2012 and my first ever project was a children's TV series called Buzzy Bee & Friends. During this period, I got the chance to see what I was capable of in terms of creating something for the mass audience to enjoy and at the same time, impressing my co-workers and my boss. Not long after that, I became a junior team lead for another TV series called Bubble Bath Bay. As of right now, I've been assigned to the recently opened game animation divison that will be working on triple A titles.

What did you find that you weren’t aware of before working in the industry?

Coping with the stress and the expectations that you have to shoulder especially if you're leading your own team. Setting a good example to the juniors is one thing but making them embrace it is another. 

How did you get this position at LemonSky?

One of my college mates was spreading the word that LemonSky needed new animators as they were starting up an animation department in the studio. I jumped on it right away.

What advice would you give to current students currently studying Animation or Games and wanting to get an opportunity like this?

Play more games! Watch more cartoons/movies! Make sure the fire in you never stops burning! Go the extra mile to add that fine detail in your animation. It makes a world of a difference. Watch other student reels and compare them to those who are already working in the industry. Try to find out what you lack and improve from there. Lastly, work smart and hard.

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