​How to pick the right course to study for you.

When looking for a course to study, it can be very daunting, with so many to choose from. There are lots of factors to consider before picking your course, so we thought we would give you a helping hand…

What are you passionate about?

Being passionate about what you study can mean the difference between success and failure. It is commonly known that studying something you are interested in and enjoy will be much easier than studying something you have very little interest in. You may not have the drive to find the answers and to really dive into your assignments if you just don’t have the passion for the subject you study. Whatever your passion, you can often find a course that incorporates it. Passionate about Rap music? Study Music. Spend half your time playing video games? Study Game Development. Doodle on every piece of paper you see? Study Design. JMC Academy specialises in creative courses that help turn your passion into a career. 

How will this course fit into my life?

To be certain that you will be committed to your studies, think about the realistic duration you can commit to study. Whether you choose to study full-time or part-time depends on your personal choice. At JMC Academy our SRA’s (Student Recruitment Advisors) can help you figure out what will work best for you. Whether you have concerns about length of study, or fees, they can help you fit the course around your life. 

What career opportunities are available?

Most people will be looking to study to further their career. Therefore, it is important to find a course that will help you on the path to finding your dream job. Have a look at where the universities Alumni’s have gone and where they are now working in the industry. Furthermore, research the kinds of jobs that are available from studying that course, as there may be roles available you never imaged of! For example, do you know by studying Animation, you could become a Forensics animator, recreating crime scenes by working with the police to animated and solve crimes? 

How will this university help me get a job?

Just because you have a degree, it does not necessarily mean you will get your dream job straight away. Make sure you find a university that will help you get work placements, and put you in touch with real professionals in the industry to help you network. All of the tutors at JMC Academy have been successful in their field, and most are still working within the field, making for your first industry contacts. Many of our students get work placements through their tutors and even go straight into jobs through contacts made during their studies. 

What will I actually be studying?

Delve into the course modules you will actually be studying. Many university courses focus on the theory, which does not necessarily mean you will come out industry ready to go straight into a job. Read through the unit descriptions to make sure it covers everything you may be interested in. For example JMC Academy’s courses are all very hands on, with a choice between a variety of different modules to study, all to help you leave with the knowledge and skill that potential employers would be looking for. 

Is this University right for me?

Decide what sort of university you would like to attend. Many public Universities have very large class sizes, and may not specialise in that specific subject. Private universities like JMC Academy often have much smaller classes compared to big universities which can have a couple of hundred students in the lectures. This means you get more one on one time with lecturers, and you are able to form better relationships with these industry professionals. Furthermore, as a creative industry specialist, JMC Academy has a narrow focus on the creative industry, meaning that you will be surrounded by a lot of other creative individuals to collaborate with.

What now?

Good universities will have helpful staff to guide you through the application process. Our SRA’s (Student Recruitment Advisors) here at JMC Academy will talk you through each process of the application, from deciding what and how to study, to applying and your first day. 

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