​How to get through your first year at Uni

Starting university can be challenging, trying to adapt to a new environment, new friends and perhaps a new livingsituation away from home. It can cause a lot of pressure in the first year. However, remember that there are tens of thousands of other students starting Uni and feeling exactly the same as you. books.jpg

Don’t overstress

New students can often overstress or ‘burn out’ within the first year as they struggle to keep up in their new environment. Take a step back from your work, timetable some relaxation time into your diary and be aware of what your limits are. If you know that you cannot work under pressure, plan your work well in advance so that it doesn’t get down to that. If you feel that stress is really effecting your work and life, go and see a school counsellor and get help, don’t leave it too long as it will just get harder! You can do it!


Say Hi

Although it may be nerve wrecking to approach knew people, remember that everyone is starting in a new place so everyone is looking to meet new people. Just start with a ‘Hi!’. Get to know the people that catch the same public transport as you, chat to someone in your course.  Go along to O-week and participate in the events and activities as this is often the best time to meet new people. Gaining new friendships needed be complicated, just start with a smile and a Hi ☺ 


Ask for help

There’s no such thing as a silly question. Being afraid to ask for help can cause more issues than not. If you have issues, there are many avenues to take to get help. Talk to your lecturers, parents, peers, and many universities have free counselling for students who will help you in any situation. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. 

Realise you may not always be top

 HSC High- performers can often bring a ‘perfectionist thinking’ attitude to university which can end up being a strong source of stress. It can be a shock going from the highest performers of your year, to suddenly being in a mix of all high performers and struggling to keep your high status.  The real university achievers are often the ones that realise failing can be part of the journey to help make them and their work stronger. 

Good luck in your first year!

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