​How to come up with the perfect title for your work

Coming up with the perfect title for your work can be a challenge, whether it’s the name of song you have written, a game you are creating or film you are writing, it’s a big deal. The name is part of what will define that piece of work, and what you hope people will remember. 


We’ve come up with some top tips to help you find the perfect title for your creative work… 

1.    Keep your eyes and ears open for good titles that catch your eye (or ears). Whether it’s a newspaper title or film title, take note of which titles grab your attention. This is where you will need a notepad and pen (or notes in your phone!)

2.    Write down the key points of your work. If it is a song, what emotions does it convey, if it is a game, how does it work? What are the key selling points of your piece of work? Begin to make a sort of collage of words that describe your work. 

3.    Just sit infront of a laptop, or sit with a pen and paper and set 3 minutes on the clock. Type as many phrases or titles as you can, whatever comes to mind as fast as you can. This can give a good indication of which direction you want to go, and what you are being drawn towards!

4.    When you have a some options, you need to ask yourself these questions; 

  • Does it evoke an emotion or imagery?
  • Would it make the audience curious?
  • Is it short, sharp and memorable?

5.    Ask some friends what they think! Not the sort of friends that will just say ‘yes it’s great!’ but people that would give you good feedback. Perhaps post on a forum, or ask some collegues to get an idea of what other people think. 

6.    Sometimes, when you spend so long trying to think of something, you can get stuck in it. Take a step back. Try to look at it with a fresh perspective and ask yourself if this would catch YOUR eye. 

Good luck!!

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