​How to beat your nerves

Whether performing on stage, getting ready for an interview or audition, or preparing to do an in class presentation, nerves can really get the best of some people. 

We’ve put together a few simple tips and exercises to help calm your nerves and help you give the best show you can, no-matter what for. 

Be prepared

You’re less likely to be as nervous if you know you have done everything you can in preparation. Practise as much as you can and know everything you want to say or need to do. Nothing calms nerves like confidence in your work. 

Positive energy

The age old term ‘be positive’ is very important. Don’t think about what could go wrong, focus on psyching yourself up. Negative thoughts bring your confidence and then performance down so wash those negative thoughts away!

Take care of your health

Drink lots of water and make sure you get enough sleep. Looking and feeling your best further helps increase your confidence and exercising and eating well can help keep those stress hormones under control.


Smiling not only makes the people around you feel more comfortable, but can really make you feel much calmer instantly. Pull back and relax your shoulders, raise your head and smile. 


Nerves tend to make us speed up and rush, so breathe in through your nose very slowly for a count of three. Then breathe out through your nose for a count of three. Repeat this three times. This will lower your heart rate and when you speak, you'll find you won't rush.


Sometimes when you start shaking, It can add to the nerves and make you feel worse. To stop yourself shaking,  simply squeeze your buttocks or your thigh muscles. It's almost physically impossible to have shaky hands if your buttocks or your thigh muscles are clenched. This technique will help you feel and appear more confident!

Be yourself

If we are being ourselves when meeting other people, we will come across as relaxed, authentic and confident. Be proud of your work and enjoy the experience. 

Best of luck!

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