​Australia found to be the most creative country in the world

We could have easily told them this a while ago, but a new study by the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University creative-industr.jpgof Toronto has named Australia the most creative country in the world!

They used the Global Creativity Index to define and measure creativity through the three T’s; talent, technology and tolerance. 

How do they measure these you ask?

1. Technology – investment levels in research and development, plus the number of patent applications per capita.
2. Talent – a composite of the percentage of adults with higher-education degrees and the percentage of the workforce working in the creative industries.
3. Tolerance – how each country treats its immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities, and LGBT residents. 

Researchers analysed 139 countries and found Australia to be the most creative, with a global ranking of 1 in talent, 4 in tolerance, and 7 in technology, closely followed by USA and then New Zealand. 

We are definitely not surprised by this result. 

Creativity is one thing that cannot be replaced by technology, and Australias are incredibily creative! 

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