​Advice for students from successful graduates

We are very proud of all of our graduates, and do our best here at JMC Academy to keep up with how they’re doing out in the real world working in the industry. 

Every now and then, we get the chance to catch up with some grads to see how they’re going, how they got there, and get their advice for current students. 

We’ve put together some of the best tips that successful JMC Academy graduates, now working in their chosen industry have given to people who want to succeed. 

Practice your craft

“Find whatever discipline you love, whether it be modelling, animation, rigging, etc. Just start doing it every day. Get really good at it. And before you know, someone will want to start paying you money to do it.”

Egan Wesener- Game Dev grad working as 3D generalist at Liquid Animation


“My advice to any undergrads currently studying FTV that want an opportunity like this; listen to your lecturers, work on as many projects as possible and make the best graduate film you can. My lecturers told me that my graduate film would be my calling card in the industry, and they were right. My graduate film put me in contact with Cutting Edge, which resulted in a job opportunity on San Andreas. I’ve stayed in contact with several lecturers since JMC and they have always been a great help to me. If you show them that you are passionate and willing to work hard, they might just get you a job on a feature film someday.”
Zac – FTV grad, Editor at Platinum HD on San Andreas

“Open your ears and eyes!! Listen very carefully, take everything on board and ask questions if you're unsure about anything!! Don't be cocky or egotistic because there is always something new to learn and there is always someone out there better than you who is willing to take your place!! Make sure you learn the craft you're given by teachers and revise everything!! The teachers at JMC are amazingly talented and educated, don't take that for granted!! Finally, have a goal no matter how high, aim for it and fight for it!!”
Jason Isaac – CMP grad touring with Brothers 3

Work Experience

“Getting a job in the industry is definitely about experience / contacts. Working for free under internships can be tough sometimes, but this is the absolute best way to get a foot in the door and secure paid employment by getting practical experience and meeting people. Start as soon as possible. Don't wait until you graduate. If you do it during your studies, it will help immensely.”
Julia Halgren – ENT grad working in events management

“Do the free work. Bring the coffees, drive around the slightly more important people, set up and pack down all the tables, because in the end that hard work will pay off and you will feel more rewarded in the end when you do make it. Just make sure to respect the people who end up bringing you coffee and drive you around as those you meet on the way up will definitely be there on your way down.“
Lauren Thorpe – ENT grad working as National Events Executive


"My advice to any student studying ENT would be to take in as much as possible during the course and make the most of the minds around you - both teachers and students. They are your best asset for both learning and support inside Uni, as well as once you leave. These are going to be the people you’re working with in the future after all. As much as finance and law may seem like a drag at the time, I regret not soaking up as much information as possible. I would love to go back and study entertainment law in more detail now - you really do use it in everyday life in the industry!"
Georgia – ENT grad working for Universal Music

Never stop learning

“To get yourself out there and immerse yourself in the business, go to gigs, introduce yourself to people, listen to every type and genre of music, read, read and read about the industry daily. It is such a fast changing landscape that you need to be constantly on and keeping up to date with the changing nature of the industry. Be prepared to work your way up and to do the hard work it takes to be successful.  Don’t give up and keep following your dreams.”
Simon Lakeman- ENT grad working as Exec Assistant at Sony Music Entertainment

“Play more games! Watch more cartoons/movies! Make sure the fire in you never stops burning! Go the extra mile to add that fine detail in your animation. It makes a world of a difference. Watch other student reels and compare them to those who are already working in the industry. Try to find out what you lack and improve from there. Lastly, work smart and hard.”
Li Wen Koh – Animation grad working on childrens animated shows.

Get started

“The biggest piece of advice I can give is simply just start. Stop talking about it and do it. People can get caught up in talking about an idea and that makes them feel like they are contributing to it, but until you physically start, you haven’t actually done anything and you can’t get anywhere with nothing. 
Just remember any step in a direction, is a step. It may be in the right direction, or off to the side, but that experience is vital learning, so it’s never a step backwards.”

Chris Jackson - Audio Engineer grad working as Audio Engineer

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