4:30pm - 6:00pm (AEDT)


Ridley Plummer


208 Bank Street, South Melbourne

VIC 3205

Live stream



It's hard to miss the talk about the Metaverse and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), especially during Australian Blockchain week!  So what is the Metaverse and NFTs and what does it mean for events, animation, games design, technology and art?

Join Ridley Plummer (Metaverse and NFT Project Manager | Tennis Australia) online or at the JMC Melbourne Campus as he discusses why and how Tennis Australia decided to dive into the Metaverse and NFTs world for one of their largest events – The Australian Open.

In this second part of the series, Ridley will workshop and provide advice for those who are thinking about embarking on Metaverse/NFT projects.  So, submit your questions and event ideas!

Meet the Speaker

Ridley Plummer is the Australian Open's (AO) Metaverse and NFT Project Manager, leading the AO Metaverse strategy and overseeing the development of the Metaverse and Web3 projects.

Spearheading the AO Metaverse launch and AO Art Ball NFT's, Ridley is passionate about NFT and blockchain technology and its potential to evolve industries beyond physical sporting events into the virtual world.

Ridley has been instrumental in progressing the AO's launch into the Metaverse and has been with Tennis Australia and the AO for four years. Prior to this, Ridley had worked across a range of worldwide sporting events including the NHL and NFL Superbowl, working with Budweiser and Bud Light to activate in-stadium connected tech-product integrations.

Ridley's expertise extends from project management and product design to marketing innovation and event management, however, Ridley's passion lies in creating truly immersive experiences through the Metaverse, NFTs and Web3 to build brand awareness, drive meaningful connections and excite consumers about the future potential of these technologies.

Twitter @RidleyPlummer