Bea Tomlin


Online via Zoom


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Our Perfect Event Partners have found the one person in the events industry who can make event safety and regulation a fun and interesting topic, so much so that including Bea Tomlin as a Masterclass Host is a no-brainer decision!

Bea Tomlin is not your ‘typical’ safety person. Her passion in making safety engaging, a way to empower others and relaying a safety mindset onto, almost inadvertently, becomes part of her strategy to include safety in her clients everyday process. Even those stubborn old ones!!

As a natural leader, with more than 17 years’ experience in risk, compliance and OHS, including the design, development and implementation of employee, organisational and regulatory programs, Bea is immensely proud of the events, clients and teams she has worked with. Her passion for risk and safety was ignited in the early stages of her career whilst working in the UK as an Operations Manager, and then as an Event Producer. It was during this time that she became particularly focused on safety and compliance and developed the first online exhibitor manual in the UK, in an era where many exhibitors were challenged with email and websites.

Being a strong advocate for safety and having significant organisational experience behind her, in 2008 Bea co-founded a business (Safe Not Sorry) that managed all aspects of public safety and occupational safety requirements for various community, council and independent organisations. This then evolved into her founding Beaspoke Safety in 2010 where the core focus became providing specialist expertise in the end-to-end management of risk solutions for iconic Australian events. Beaspoke Safety’s expertise in this area was recognised in 2012 when they were honoured as a finalist in the Telstra Australian Business Awards for exceptional leadership and industry knowledge. After taking a few years ‘hiatus’: aka working full time as an employee whilst being a mum to a child with complex heart defects, she is now back with Beaspoke Safety V2.0.

During this Mentoring Masterclass, Liliana and Bea will cover the importance of risk and safety measures at live events and discuss the hangover effect that COVID-19 will have on how events are produced. Bea's passion for risk and safety igniting from her experience as an Operations Manager and Event Producer has made her the perfect candidate to reveal her thoughts on the future of events.