Short Courses at JMC Academy Sydney

Want to dive deeper and explore your passion?

If you’re the type of person who thinks outside the box and wants to discover your creative side and unlock the possibilities of a career in one of the many growing areas in the Creative Industries, then challenge yourself to take this next step. Book any one of the many short-courses available at JMC this January.

Take on a 2 to 5 day Short-Course in any of the following areas:
Animation, Audio Engineering + Sound Production, Contemporary Music Performance, Digital Design, Film, Television + Content Production, Game Design and Songwriting. 

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Pop Songwriting + Production ⬇

Write, record and mix an original song!

4 Day Course
9:30am - 4:30pm
Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th January 2019
General Admission ticket price: $600
Bundle ticket price: $450 (25% discount) - valid when you purchase 2 or more tickets

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JMC will be providing the opportunity for Songwriters, Producers and Instrumentalists to work together in small groups of 4 and as individuals to write, record and mix an original song. On the last day of the Short Course the completed songs will be played to a panel of industry professionals who will provide feedback on the final song. 

DAY 1: Introduction to songwriting – song analysis, harmonic progressions, form, groove.

Morning Session - Classroom
Introduction to concepts of songwriting:

  • Form/Structure – how these are applied to pop songwriting
  • Melody and Harmony – how these work together


Afternoon Session – Classroom / Rehearsal Rooms

  • Lyrics: concepts, lyrical hooks, lyrical development
  • Groove: writing to a groove, how does melody change based on groove?


DAY 2: Working with Ableton Live as a songwriting tool – loops, rhythm section. 

Morning Session – MIDI Labs
Fundamentals of using Ableton Live: 

  • Structuring a session
  • Using Ableton Live functions
  • MIDI mapping


Afternoon Session – MIDI Labs
Ableton Live as a Songwriting Tool:

  • Using loops and samples to create textures over which to map a melody and lyrics
  • Using loops and samples to create originality
  • Using loops and samples to diversify and create new form and structure within a pop song


DAY 3: Rehearse and Record

Morning Session – MIDI Labs

  • Recording audio using Ableton Live
  • Arranging, editing and manipulating recorded audio


Afternoon Session – Rehearsal Rooms

  • Arranging for Live Band - enhancing original tracks
  • Recording with Live Band - recording basics


DAY 4: Mixing + Feedback

Morning Session – MIDI Labs

  • Mixing Fundamentals
  • Mixing


Afternoon Session

  • Playback of tracks
  • Feedback from panel


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Recording + Mixing A Band ⬇

2 Day Course
9:30am - 4:30pm
Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th January 2019
General Admission ticket price: $300
Bundle ticket price: $225 (25% discount) - valid when you purchase 2 or more tickets

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This short course is designed to the give the student an active taste of participating in a complete band recording session and mix down utilising world class recording equipment and facilities.

Day 1 will be centred on the recording studio, and students will participate and gain an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Recording console signal flow

  • Microphone selection for specific instruments

  • Setting up instruments in the recording space to achieve the best sound quality

  • Setting up Pro-tools for recording a band

  • Recording a band live

  • Recording overdubs and various takes

Day 2 will be centred on the mixing of the earlier recording session. Each student will then have access to a Pro-Tools setup, and be taken through the basic mixing principles required to complete a well balanced final mix. Areas of focus will be:

  • Setting up a mix session in Pro-Tools

  • Basic editing functions

  • The use of EQ and Compression

  • The use of Reverb and Delay effects

  • Balancing levels of the recorded sounds with volume and automation

  • Concepts of panning and stereo image

  • Basic concepts of mastering

Please bring headphones for the MIDI Lab and an external hard drive, as at the conclusion of the short course, the student may take with them the recording session files and the final mix down, so that they have the opportunity to use this as future portfolio work or simply to take home and work on to further enhance their understanding of the skills obtained.

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Script to Screen ⬇

Make your own film!

5 Day Course
9:30am - 4:30pm
Monday 14th, Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th and Friday 18th January 2019
General Admission ticket price: $750
Bundle ticket price: $562.50 (25% discount) - valid when you purchase 2 or more tickets

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In this five day intensive filmmaking Short Course, you'll get creative using the JMC Film and Television Studio’s exciting facilities, developing a short film script from page to screen.

Experienced industry filmmakers and technicians guide students through a series of practical exercises to conquer the major areas of writing, directing, cinematography, and post production - using JMC’s state-of-the-art post-production labs. Learn how to structure, write, break down, and rehearse a short script and to plan a shoot from beginning to end, all the while working with a collective group of like-minds and professional actors. With hands-on experience operating professional cameras and sound, by the end you will not only understand the inside scoop on the inner workings of crew roles and the filmmaking process – but also get to finish a short film.

DAY 1 will introduce students to the form of the short film. What are stories and what makes an audience care? Once the basics have been covered, the brainstorming begins as we come up with our story.

  • Overview of the Script to Screen Short course
  • OH+S
  • Introduction to the short film form
  • Explore conflict, drama, goals and stakes
  • Begin writing script outline

DAY 2 will bring the story ideas from the first day together into a concise screenplay. We will introduce students to the formatting requirements and the writing style for a screenplay. In the afternoon students will get their hands on camera for the first time as we will go over the basics of using a camera, lights and the latest audio equipment.

  • Forming your ideas from day 1 into a concise screenplay
  • Introduction to coverage
  • Documenting camera setups
  • Introduction to camera and lighting

DAY 3 is where the story comes to life. Two professional actors will come into the set to work with our students as we act out our story and get the shots we need for the film.

  • Blocking with actors and camera on set
  • Rehearsal process
  • Directing actors
  • Shoot short film

DAY 4 is when we see the results of our work. We all sit down and watch the footage that was shot on day 3. Now the editing process begins. Students are shown how to set up a project in AVID media composer as we build the film, shot by shot. By lunch time we will have a rough cut of our film and by the afternoon we will have polished and shaped our footage into a dynamic short film. we will reflect on our progress edit and suggest changes.

  • Introduction to editing
  • Rough cut
  • Reflection on progress edit

DAY 5 is when we see shape our project into a final product. We continue our edit through the morning, work on the fine cut and we lock off our edit by lunch time. In the afternoon we will spend some time on some vital post production processes – the colour correction and grade, the sound mix, the addition of music, and the online where all these elements come together. Ultimately we will craft all these elements into a dynamic short film.

  • Editing Recision
  • Fine Cut and Locked off edit
  • Introduction to Colour Correction
  • Introduction to Sound Design
  • Incorporation of Music
  • Online and Delivery

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Testimonials from the 2018 Short Courses

"The Audio short course at JMC Academy is a great introduction to seeing a live band recorded, working hands on with the sound files with tutors who know their stuff!. I also appreciated learning what it takes to create truly professional audio. Well worth the investment!" - Robert Vitale

"The course was perfect and very informative. Exactly what I was looking for. The lecturers were highly professional and very helpful at all times going above and beyond what was expected."

"I would highly recommend the character development course to anyone looking to gain insight to the industry and its standards."

"An excellent and informative short course, highly recommended for any aspiring filmmakers." - Kyle Leyden

"JMC was amazing, everyone is so helpful and friendly, course was excellent."

"The JMC Short Course for pop songwriting and production was an amazing opportunity for prospective students to experience and use the facility’s at JMC. I have obtained many new skills from partaking in the course and am more confident in my ability’s as a writer and performer." - Rebecca Good