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Want to dive deeper and explore your passion?

If you’re the type of person who thinks outside the box and wants to discover your creative side and unlock the possibilities of a career in one of the many growing areas in the Creative Industries, then challenge yourself to take this next step. Book any one of the many short-courses available at JMC this January.

Take on a 2 to 5 day Short-Course in any of the following areas:
Animation, Audio Engineering + Sound Production, Contemporary Music Performance, Film, Television + Content Production, Game Design and Songwriting. 

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Check out the Short Courses available below...

Character Design ⬇

Learn how the character creation process works and develop your own character!

2 Day Course
9:30am - 4:30pm
Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd January 2019
General Admission ticket price: $300
Bundle ticket price: $225 (25% discount) - valid when you purchase 2 or more tickets

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Introducing the typical pipelines for conceptual and technical execution of characters in game and animation studios, this intensive studio based workshop will explore the character art process, from concept design through to the creation of 3D models.

DAY 1 has a design centred focus, using traditional tools to explore the fundamentals of character conception and design. Content will include:

  • Developing character concepts

  • Push, turn, and refine character designs

  • Body language, posing and expressions

  • Force and line of action

  • Scene composition for storytelling

Participants will explore character design from reference gathering, thumbnailing and roughs, through to refinement and presentation.


DAY 2 has a digital focus, learning the tools and processes to develop a character concept into a 3D character model for production. Content will include:

  • Character pipelines for games and animation

  • Character modelling and sculpture

  • Character setup for animation

  • Developing materials and textures

  • Finishing and presenting characters

In this practical session participants will develop their Day 1 material further, exploring mesh creation and sculpture for characters.

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Electronic Music Production ⬇

An in-depth look at professional approaches to recording electronic based music!

3 Day Course
9:30am - 4:30pm
Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd January 2019
General Admission ticket price: $450
Bundle ticket price: $337.50 (25% discount) - valid when you purchase 2 or more tickets

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This Short Course is designed to demonstrate multiple recording techniques in a timely manner. You will be part of a recording session working on a song from the demo stage, to a fully worked production and mix down utilising Abelton live.

DAY 1 will be focused on:

  • Pre-production

  • Drum programming techniques

  • Editing techniques

  • Preparing the basic tracks for overdubs


DAY 2 looks at overdubbing and techniques for recording a multitude of instruments.

  • Techniques for achieving appropriate guitar sounds suitable to the song

  • Techniques for achieving appropriate keyboard sounds suitable to the song

  • Vocal recording techniques and strategies

  • Compiling a master vocal track and editing

  • Recording backing vocals, percussion, and finishing a production


DAY 3 will be focused on mixing the previous days recording session. Each student will then have access to a Digital Audio Workstation, and be taken through the basic mixing principles required to complete a well-balanced final mix. Areas of focus will be:

  • Setting up a mix session in Abelton

  • Final editing and session clean up

  • Balancing levels of the recorded sounds to achieve a suitable gain structure

  • The use of EQ and Compression

  • The use of Reverb and Delay effects

  • Digital audio manipulation techniques

  • Concepts of panning and stereo image

At the conclusion of the short course, the student may take with them the recording session files and the final mix down, so that they have the opportunity to use this as future portfolio work or simply to take home and work on to further enhance their understanding of the skills obtained.


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Music Performance, Songwriting + Production ⬇

4 Day Course
9:30am - 4:30pm
Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th January 2019
General Admission ticket price: $600
Bundle ticket price: $450 (25% discount) - valid when you purchase 2 or more tickets

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In this 4 day workshop, participants will work through a series of specialised sessions covering aspects of contemporary music including ensemble performance, group instrument/vocal tuition, songwriting + composition strategies, music industry principles, music technology and studio recording.

Be mentored by music industry professionals from the JMC Academy Melbourne faculty in a course that provides a hands-on collaborative experience using the extensive facilities in the Melbourne campus. Whether you play Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, EDM, RnB or any other contemporary music style, this course is focused on creative music making using practical techniques.


Session 1

  • All in Introductory session 

  • Songwriter/Electronic music/Composer session - Working with harmony and melody writing tools

  • Instrumentalists/singers - Ensemble workshop

Session 2

  • Instrumentalists/Vocalists - Group sessions

  • Songwriters - Lyric writing techniques

  • Electronic musicians/composers - Your 21st century workstation - composing + technology tools

Session 3

  • Instrumentalists/Vocalists/Electronic musicians/Composers - Band rehearsal sessions

  • Songwriters -Analysis of hit songs

  • Electronic musicians/composers - Working with MIDI controllers to create music



Session 1 - Elective - Choose your focus:

  • Music Theory in contemporary music - making it work!

  • Music Technology - Ableton + Garageband in writing and performance

  • Music Marketing - digital music, marketing and the press

Session 2

  • Instrumentalists/vocalists - Group sessions on

  • Songwriters - Lyric writing techniques

  • Electronic musicians/composers - Composing to a brief

Session 3

  • Instrumentalists/vocalists/Electronic musicians/Composers - Band rehearsal sessions

  • Songwriters - Co-writing workshop - create new music in songwriting teams

  • Electronic musicians/composers - Recording - how to do it with live instruments + software



Session 1 - Electives - Choose your focus:

  • Keyboard skills - basic keyboard skills for understanding modern chord progressions on the piano using Garageband

  • Music Technology - Ableton + Garageband in writing and performance

  • Songwriting - Rhythm and groove in popular music

  • Live Production - Parts of the stage, microphones, speakers, cables… how it all works

Session 2

  • Instrumentalists/vocalists - Group sessions

  • Songwriters - Lyric writing techniques

  • Electronic musicians/composers - Ableton Live intensive

Session 3

  • Instrumentalists/vocalists - Band rehearsal sessions

  • Songwriters/Electronic musicians/Composers - Arranging your song - filling up the parts, choosing your instruments and layering sounds



Session 1 + 2 - Recording

  • Instrumentalists/Vocalists - Band rehearsal/recording sessions

  • Songwriters/Electronic musicians/Composers - Recording/producing original music mentoring sessions

Session 3

  • Instrumentalists/vocalists - Group sessions

  • Final live performance rehearsal - stage techniques + audience communication

  • Course wrap up - how do I take my skills further?

4:30pm - Final Performance for friends and family - JMC Auditorium: A final performance by all bands and playing of new compositions, songs, and recordings.

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Chris Pickering – Guitar/Drums/Composition/Ensemble/Music Industry
Brooke Russell - Songwriting/Ensemble/Vocals/Music Industry 
John Dallimore - Guitar/Ensemble
Nik Pringadi – Keyboard/Ensemble/Music Technology
James O’Brien - Songwriting/Ensemble/Music industry
Jacinta Caruana - Vocals/Ensemble/Songwriting
Ben Murphy – Music Technology/Production
Josh Jones - Bass/Ensemble   
Steve Pope - Drums/Ensemble

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Testimonials from the 2018 Short Courses

"The Audio short course at JMC Academy is a great introduction to seeing a live band recorded, working hands on with the sound files with tutors who know their stuff!. I also appreciated learning what it takes to create truly professional audio. Well worth the investment!" - Robert Vitale

"The course was perfect and very informative. Exactly what I was looking for. The lecturers were highly professional and very helpful at all times going above and beyond what was expected."

"I would highly recommend the character development course to anyone looking to gain insight to the industry and its standards."

"An excellent and informative short course, highly recommended for any aspiring filmmakers." - Kyle Leyden

"JMC was amazing, everyone is so helpful and friendly, course was excellent."

"The JMC Short Course for pop songwriting and production was an amazing opportunity for prospective students to experience and use the facility’s at JMC. I have obtained many new skills from partaking in the course and am more confident in my ability’s as a writer and performer." - Rebecca Good