Throga Vocal Workshop

Join us for the Throga Vocal Workshop this September

‚ÄčThis September, two time Guinness World Record breaker and “World’s leading online vocal coach” (Wall Street Journal), Richard Fink IV, will be visiting JMC Academy from New York to teach his technique known as THROGA (throat-yoga) and share insights from his newly published book, 7 Dimensions of Singing. This two hour workshop will demonstrate how to target any aspect of your voice to create balance and vocal freedom so that you can discover the tools to reach your TRUE potential as a vocalist.

The Vocal Throga Workshop is open to ALL JMC Students and anyone over the age of 16 who has a passion for music and songwriting. It's a perfect setting for aspiring students and professionals and best of all, it's a FREE workshop!

This workshop is expected to fill fast! Don't forget to register your spot below.

Throga Vocal Event

Date & Time:

Thursday 29th September 2016
12.00pm to 2.00pm


JMC Academy Auditorium


This is a FREE event however, registrations are essential.


This workshop is perfect for JMC Students and geared to those aged 16 and over, with a passion for music.


Richard Fink IV's new book '7 Dimensions of Singing'

We are all born with the capacity to sing. It’s not some mysterious phenomena that only some are privy to or handed down through a secret language with abstract ideas. Like any other instrument, the voice can be learned and mastered with understanding, practice and patience.

THROGA and the 7 Dimensions of Singing utilize a patented system based on vocal physiology to help you discover your true potential, connecting the mind (the singer) and the body (the instrument). Celebrate the vocal qualities that are unique to you, in the style of music you love to sing, while striving to build a healthy, strong and well-balanced instrument for self-expression.