Exclusive Workshops for Happy Mag Readers! - Brisbane

Want to give your music a leg up?

We're teaming up with Happy Mag for a series of FREE workshops. As a Happy Mag reader, you've been exclusively invited. 

If you want to give yourself an edge in the Music Industry + Needle In The Hay vinyl competition, check out our 3 workshops in Brisbane below on how to;

  • Improve your music
  • Record your music to sound more professional
  • Get your music noticed

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Improve your music!

This exclusive workshop designed by JMC Academy and Happy Mag aims to help you improve your music!

On the day, you will cover:

Lyrics – analysing the relationship between lyrics and melody, harmony and rhythmic movement in songs as well as the use of metaphor, simile, imagery, motif, metrics, symbolism, and rhyme in lyric writing.

Melody/Songwriting – looking at melodic movement, hooks and common melodic tools to enhance your songs.

Pre-production or production – looking at arranging techniques and the role of instruments in your music production.

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Record professional sounding music!

This Pro Tools workshop will be held in JMC Academy's MIDI Labs and will cover mixing and mastering techniques to make you sound more professional! You're invited to bring your own Pro Tools file or follow along to learn the skills on a demo track.

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Get your music noticed!

This exclusive workshop designed by JMC Academy and Happy Mag aims to help you get your music noticed!

On the day, you will cover:

  • Talent Management
  • Content Distribution
  • A & R
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Marketing

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