Schlogger_vol3_Sept13.jpgHi again!

I've been spending this past week in Melbourne, Australia's cultural capital and I was absolutely blown away by both the quality and quantity of talented musicians lining the streets and pubs of the city. All of them were great in their own right; however there were clear standouts amongst the mix.

It got me thinking about what exactly it takes to stand out, get noticed and make an impact in the music industry. Just by observing these musicians and their audience’s general response, I've come up with a few brief points for helping musicians to get noticed.

1. Know your audience
Who is it exactly that you want your fan base to consist of? Teen girls? Businessmen? Pretentious hipsters? That's entirely up to you, but once you'd figure that out, find out what they like and how you can be the best at that.

2. Be Unique
This can often be a tricky thing to pull off, as generally a lot of ideas have already been used or referenced to in some way, but this is where you can get creative. In the industry, it's known as a Unique Selling Point (or USP). And it can be as simple as having wicked hair (think MS MR, Darwin Deez or (god forbid) Nicki Minaj) or having kick ass dance moves (see Darwin Deez, seriously, you'll thank me).

3. Just be good at what you do
As most of you have probably heard from your frustratingly wise music teacher, practice makes perfect. And it's true, you can really tell the difference between a well-rehearsed, polished act and one who doesn't really give a damn. Professionals will love you and so will the audience.

So next time you are starting a band, or playing a gig, just have a think about those points and eventually, someone important may just notice you.

Until next time,