Hi guys!

Schlogger_vol_10_October_2014.jpgAfter talking about education for a lot of these posts, I thought it was finally time to start talking getting some real world work experience! Over the last 18 months studying the course, I’ve worked at events like Laneway Festival, Groovin’ The Moo, Supanova, Future Music Festival and a bunch of others. I’ve also completed an extensive internship for a record label in their publicity division which involved marketing plans and media involvement for bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. So I have been a tad busy.

Having work experience, to me, is the most important part of studying a course like the ones at JMC because you actually get to see the things you learn about in practice and have a far greater understanding of not only your course, but the industry as well. This goes for all entertainment sectors, the film industry, animation and gaming industries and the music industry all rely on people getting work experience early. Not to say that you should give up your time for the rest of your life, but go out and experience the exciting and fun industry that you’re out to work in for life.

Most people have a hesitation on working for free, whether that be volunteering at events or learning through an internship, but if you see it less as giving up free time and more as an investment into actually getting a job, then you can easily see the justification. What you can get out of working under industry professionals is a wealth of knowledge, a killer reference and a resume that will stand out far beyond that of your peers. The people who know the industry and that have shown initiative in what they want to do are definitely in the better position for the jobs they want.

Most of the opportunities I’ve had have been self-sourced, however my lecturers are always throwing forward opportunities to work with them or at a colleagues event and it really reflects well on you to say yes. That’s the beauty of a place like JMC, where your lecturers know you and what you’re interested in, so they can tailor the opportunities specifically for you and where you want to go.

Certainly think about doing programs like this, there are opportunities everywhere for work experience. All you need to do is ask. For some cool spots that are advertised, have a look around at Pedestrian Jobs, Seek and ArtsHub. There are always some really cool opportunities that can come your way.

Until next time!