Schlogger_vol6.jpgHey everyone!

Welcome back to another schlogger post for the year. It’s been a crazy few weeks in the world of Entertainment Business Management. My classmates and I have been flat out this trimester organising music video shoots for our JMC bands, national tours for upcoming bands we’ve found and curating unique special events for up to 3000 people.

In all of that, we’re also undergoing a really fascinating course on entertainment marketing and how to ensure your product, whether it is a film, some music, games or anything, manages to successfully reach the people who are most interested in becoming apart of it.

I always used to have this idea that the concept of marketing was about which company’s can buy the biggest billboards and have the best celebrity endorsements. After studying this course and really getting down to the core of what marketing is, my previous self only really scratched the surface.

Entertainment marketing is (in its simplest form) identifying the features of the product you are selling and the type of person who is most likely to buy the product or attend your shows. It is then the process of using that information and creating a plan to somehow convince those people to spend their hard earned dollars.

In saying that, it purely isn’t just about getting the highest amount of money. Marketing can also be used to ensure that the right type of people are hearing your messages and finding out about your product. There’s no point trying to create awareness for your product into the general public and hope that the right people will see it. Marketing allows you to locate the people you want to send your message to and in the most effective way possible.

Even by just taking a few moments to think about what type of person you want to buy your product and why they would do so, can help you save heaps of time and money trying to create something that might not be beneficial to you at all. Marketing is an incredibly vital part of this industry and whilst this post may be a quick overview, hopefully it provides some food for thought over something well worth considering.