Schlogger_vol8_julu.jpgHey everyone!

This week marks our first week back at JMC after the mid-year break and we’ve finally made it into the fifth trimester of the EBM course, which is pretty crazy to think because it feels like only yesterday we started.

In saying that, I’ve really noticed the difference between the kind of information we know now as opposed to what we knew 18 months ago just by how we all talk about the entertainment industry around us. For example, many of you will be familiar with the Game of Thrones finale that just aired on Monday and without trying to give too many spoilers, that scene where the guy shot the other guy with the thing, woah…

But for those who don’t have subscription TV or a savvy friend in IT, that may have been a tad tricky, or illegal, to access. As senior EBM students, most of us now find more pleasure in discussing the shows somewhat flawed distribution methods and increased piracy rates rather than the incredible content that is on the screen itself.

We will actually get to study the variety in film and television distribution channels quite extensively this trimester through the Film & Television Production Management unit. This will prove to be quite a topical class to participate in, with the progression of on-demand television services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime changing the way we watch and enjoy TV.

By adding the knowledge we have already, plus all the content from the new topics we’re yet to enjoy, who knows, hopefully one of us can solve the Game of Thrones piracy situation before we find out if Podrick will ever be King of Westeros.

Here’s hoping and until next time,