Schlogger_vol1_july13.jpgSchlogger: (noun); a vocabulary trifecta combining the words scholarship, blogger and slogger.

Meet Josh, our resident Schloggor at JMC Academy. Josh aims to schlogg his way through the 2 years of his Entertainment Business Management Degree to give you all the ins-and-outs of the life of a JMCer.

Post #1
Hi, my name is Josh and I’m studying the EBM course at JMC Academy in Sydney. I moved to the city at the start of the year from Maitland, just outside of Newcastle to immerse myself in the music industry and hopefully get an awesome job in the next couple of years. I’ve always loved listening to music, playing music and going to gigs, so it just seemed like a natural thing to want to work in the industry and make what I love part of my everyday life.

Since I was 14, I was writing reviews and interviews for different music publications like Reverb magazine in my native Newcastle and then eventually national websites like FasterLouder and The Dwarf. 

I started my course in February and haven’t missed a day since. The classes have been so engaging and the people I’m surrounded by are the coolest I have ever met. The assignments we do are all relevant to industry tasks, like drafting contracts, pitching a band concept or negotiating deals. It's all practice for what I'll be doing in just a few years time, so it doesn't actually feel like homework.

Since starting the course, I have got myself an internship working with a group of companies including Dew Process, the label for Mumford & Sons, Create/Control record label, Secret Sounds touring and Secret Service PR. With them, I have been working on the marketing and publicity for the Splendour in the Grass sideshows. Whilst you don’t get paid, the experience at internships is priceless. I have also picked up some paid work with Moshtix, helping out at major events such as Groovin’ The Moo, Future Music Festival and Supanova.

If I could offer any advice for those looking at the scholarships offered at JMC, particularly in the EBM course, it would be to just immerse yourself in music. Sign up to newsletters, read street press and most of all go to gigs! If you support the industry, the industry will support you.