Schlogger_vol_9_AUG2014.jpgHi Everyone!

Has it already been a month? Far out, this year has gone at record pace. Last Saturday was the Sydney campus’s Open Day, which was pretty surreal for me as it was the last one I’ll ever attend (thanks for everyone who came in and said hello by the way). These last two years have flown by and before I know it, I’ll have my Bachelor Degree and actually start to be an adult, so strange.

Currently in class, we’ve been undergoing the one thing that we were dreading from day one, the mysterious thesis! We’d heard all about this insane paper that we had to write from when we first walked through the door and it had been haunting us ever since. In saying that, now that we’ve finally arrived, it’s actually turned out to be a lot of fun and no real pressure at all.

Colin, our lecturer, has given free reign over whatever it is we’d like to write about in regards to entertainment plus we can research it however we like. So for some people, discovering the social impact of Lady Gaga floats their boat, or for others, why Soundwave representing rock and metal genres is vital to the Australian music industry. It’s actually time for us to talk about what we love to talk about, so our fears were completely in vain.

My paper is joint with a classmates about the spiking of ticket prices over the past few years, researching the factors of how and why and what consumers perceive as value in the contemporary industry. Whilst it does all sound a bit fancy and full on, we’ve actually had a great time chatting to concert organisers, venues, ticketing companies and random people just to understand the industry a little better than we already do.

For anyone worrying about writing academically in their degree. Don’t! When you write about something that’s genuinely interesting, there feels like there’s no pressure at all. Wish me luck!

Until next time,