Schlogger_vol2_August-13.jpegSchlogger: (noun); a vocabulary trifecta combining the words scholarship, blogger and slogger.

This month, we ask Josh about the importance of social media in the entertainment industry and what it means for him. His response; Absolutely everything.

Post #2
It’s a pretty large call to make, but I’m going to put it out there. Social media plays a huge part in my life. I’m constantly checking my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates from my friends, fam and people I don’t even know. And although I can’t speak for everyone, it’s become pretty clear that this is the case for the majority of our generation.

So what does this mean for the entertainment industry? Absolutely everything.

The sheer power and importance that social media has in our lives has given artists an abundance of avenues to spread their music to the world. Conversely, this means that fans have the opportunity to discover their new favourite band for themselves and make recommendations to friends so much easier. In fact, some of the most popular acts on the planet made their way into the spotlight solely through social media. Take a loot at OK GO’s impressive treadmill music video or even Gangnam Style's video clip, or the discover of Justin Bieber. All these acts owe EVERYTHING to social media.

Whilst there are many benefits for the entertainment industry in the realm of social media, as always there are the negatives to go along with it.

Social media, whilst being credited with launching many artists’ careers very quickly, can also turn them into nothing just as quickly. The avenues for getting music out there are certainly much more accessible for artists, however sustaining a long-term career can be made difficult for that very same reason.

Overall, is social media beneficial for the entertainment industry? Perhaps its too early to tell, but as long as people are still discovering and getting excited for new music, then something must be going right.