Schlogger_vol7_apr14.jpgHey guys!

These past few weeks since I last checked in have been not only the busiest, but also the most important of my whole time at JMC. Throughout our marketing plans, music videos and major events, my classmates and I are also in the process of coordinating a 10-date national tour for an emerging band, right from the flights and venues, down to the backstage drinks and length of leads being used.

Our task is to plan a full national tour, reaching regional and metro areas across the country and make it a promotional and financially profitable venture, which is certainly not an easy task.

This process has been a fairly demanding one, however it goes to show how all the previous units we’ve been doing actually come into play in the industry. The financial planning, publicity, marketing and merchandising units have all come together in one colossal assignment. As intimidating as it sounds, the content has already been taught to us gradually over the past 12 months and we have actually surprised ourselves with the comprehensive understanding of what we already know, which is really cool to notice.

If nothing else, it gives us all such an insight into the world of touring and all the effort that goes into what we all enjoy so much and hopefully before you know it, the next show you go to could be run by us!

Until next time,