Design Conversations with Briana Russell and Stephanie Saad

We continue our Design Conversations with two emerging, young designers.

Stephanie_Saad-(1).PNGIn the last installment of Design Conversations, we went to one of Sydney's leading digital agencies, Devotion Digital. We spoke to the top creatives who live and breathe design, about design as a career. This time, we spoke to two talented emerging designers who are just about to embark on their careers about their passions, where they see their design careers taking them,  and what is important in design today through their eyes. 

Briana Russell

Briana is a photographer and designer who's work delves into aspects of life that might otherwise escape unexamined. In her latest project, Briana rode with the Night Riders, meeting characters and documenting the journey of the N80 & N90 bus routes between the hours of 12am-5am. Night Riders is a social photographic project that aims to shed light on this mysterious part of the night. 


Stephanie Saad

Stephanie is an emerging visual and new media artist with a passion for exhibition and gallery spaces. Stephanie's current work explores online visual subcultures including elements of collage and vaporwave. Stephanie is joining the JMC Digital Design program to pursue her interest in creating new forms of digital interactivity and experiences within exhibition spaces. 




Briana Russell: I'm passionate about people. And in that respect I'm passionate about including them in my work.

Stephanie Saad: I'm passionate about art in many different forms. Painting, drawing, illustration, photography. 

BR: I think in design today, it;s important for designers from more fields to be interested in what they do. And to be involved in what they do. And to be committed to what they do. 

SS: And as well as that, I think they should just be very open minded towards new advancements in technology as well. 

BR: I'd like to see my skills within basic graph designs to publication layout, typographic work, be mirrored with my passion and interest in photography and video work. I'd like to see that grow 50/50 along side each other. 

SS: I would like my design to eventually end up in design magazines maybe, or be published by design companies. More so, I'm looking towards exhibition and gallery design, developing new ways of creating art and experiencing art within galleries. I'm working on a digital collage project right now. Googling particular images that I want, and I'm taking my own photographs and picking and choosing certain images and then collaging them digitally by using Photoshop to combine and re-create new and interesting images. 

BR: So my major project which I just completed is called night riders. And the night rider buses are the buses that operate between the hours of 12am and 5am and they replace the trains during the night. And I decided to take a photographic kind of social documentary approach to the night riders and I took an almost kind of Humans-Of-New-York-esque style, where I rode these night ride buses and I interviewed the people on these buses. 

SS: I'd like to start doing some internships and working alongside professionals and designers to hone in on my skills. 

BR: Industry skills. I think I'm ready to get out there and ready to start working in that environment, and I think that comes along with experience as well. Something that you learn along the way and I think its something you never stop learning. Especially when it comes to people. you get to learn lot about people and design is collaborative and it never won't be collaborative. You will always have to work for someone or with someone and I think people skills - I think that's something you can never stop learning.