Life at JMC

At JMC Academy, we’re all about your career. We’re about helping you grow your skills, hone your creativity, learn all about your chosen field, and secure that job you’ve always dreamed of.  
However, we also realise that study takes a while, and a lot of commitment. And that you’re creative. And clever. And that you like to think outside of the box. 

So, we’re also committed to providing you with a very unique and stimulating creative environment that you can enjoy while you’re completing your diploma or degree.     


For a start, we base ourselves in fun, inner-city locations. In Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we’re close to great cafes, bars, galleries, museums and entertainment venues, so you can stay up-to-date, and connected to the things you love.  

We also stay current. Our technology and equipment is world-class, and state-of-the-art. We have recording studios, sound studios, post-production suites, film and TV studios, and much, much more. This means that when you do enter the professional workforce, you’re able to hit the ground running.  

Perhaps most importantly, our people are talented, experienced industry professionals. You won’t find any stale, dull lecturers here. Our team is fresh, accomplished, and ready to give you the head start you need. 
Plus, we’re very big on collaboration. It’s how creative industries work. And it’s how we work. We encourage you to join forces with your peers - even from other degrees and diplomas - as much as possible, and to work together to achieve the best results you can. 

So what’s life really like at JMC Academy? Why don’t you find out for yourself? Apply now.


  • "The professional education I gained at JMC has been the tool that has helped me pursue music and sound professionally with some of the best media houses in India." - Vijay Durbha
    Head of Music/Video Programming at Artist Aloud. | Audio Engineering & Sound Production