Graduate Films

Proudly presenting the films from all Graduates of Brisbane Film and Television of 2017.

Congratulations to all Film and Television graduates on their final works!


A brilliant scientist created a robot daughter to give meaning to his life. For years they have lived together happily as father and daughter despite their biological differences. But her father’s health is failing and she is beginning to discover the secrets he has been keeping from her since the beginning. She was designed and modelled after a real human, a female scientist. Why? What does this mean for her? With her father’s chronic condition worsening by the day, it is a race against time before it is too late to fix anything.


Georgia, a recent high school graduate, has her plans for her future thrown up in the air when the university of her dreams reject her application. Dealing with her own disappointment and that of her mother’s, Georgia attempts to fight the negativity in the form of one dark wolf. She does this whilst trying to find a new path that fits her; but how can Georgia decide her future if she doesn’t know herself?


A loner by choice, haunted by painful memories of his past, Ben seeks out a simple and empty existence on the back roads of rural Queensland. Living out the boot of his battered car and taking cash in hand work where he can, the decision to end his life seems to be the only way to break the cycle of what he perceives as a meaningless life. That is until a chance encounter with a man struggling with his own inner demons shows that Ben’s life may not be so meaningless after all.

Final Cut

Patrick, a twenty-year-old freelance film editor, who is pressured by the obnoxious director to re-edit an independent horror film in less than twenty-four hours. During the all-nighter to finish the film. Patrick is haunted by the antagonist of the film he is editing and, unsure whether it is real or all in his tired mind, he must fight and survive until dawn.

Hello, My name is Ben

Hello, My name is Ben is a musical comedy about a guy – Ben – who has never been in love and struggles to find it. He is forced by his two mates Marcus and Chad to find love at a speed dating night, where the rules are crazier than the dates. After a series of terrible dates, Ben tries to leave when he hears a girl singing to herself. She rushes away before he can introduce himself, so he decides to go back in search of her.

My Dad, Myself & Ms. T

Nathan is a 16-year-old high school student with an unhealthy obsession for females of the mature age and Paul Giamatti, the Oscar-nominated actor. In a coincidental tale of fate, love and convenient script writing, Nate finds such a character in his classroom and it so happens to be his new student teacher, Ms. T. She coincidentally happens to be dating Nate’s unruly father, Gus. Thus ensues the race to win over Ms. T’s heart, or so they think.


For 14-year-old Nick, every night is the same terrifying struggle, his fear of the dark. What seems to be a childish fear to everyone, in reality Nick sees more than just the dark shadows. With a distant father who wants Nick to grow up, a sister who just wants to live her own life and the absence of his mother, Nick has to face this alone. This a story of what really goes bump in the night.

Spinning in Slow Motion

Life is hard when you’re young free and single. In the space of 24 hours, twenty-five year old Tommy finds herself stood up on a date, sharing cheesecake with a baby, being lectured and patronised, sleeping with an off-again-on-again lover and eating ice cream in a 7/11 car park. She uses her youth to excuse her from any responsibility, but ultimately ends up spinning in slow motion, unable to save herself from the adult world. This slice of life, coming of age piece explores what happens when it all gets too much. 

The Colour Man

Alice has hidden her pain inside; it has made her grey and lonely, stuck in a vicious cycle. Her sketches are her feelings only outlet. She meets The Colour Man, a strangely dressed man who seems to find life nothing but amusing. Claiming he will get Alice’s colours back, he makes her show him her sketches, gives her the option to forgive her father and makes her look inside.

Top of the World

Marvin awaits his results for an essay he put so much effort into, but paranoia starts to set in whether or not he will pass.


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