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Audio Engineering tips & tricks at the Platinum Vocal Workshops

Multi platinum Engineer (30+) Peter Moses will join long time collaborator RAab Stevenson on stage at the Platinum Vocal Workshops and deliver you to the inner sanctum of what goes on when he gets called in on a session!

Guest blogger: RAab Stevenson on Vocal Health.

The Worlds Leading Vocal Coach RAab Stevenson on Vocal Health on the road and returning to Australia, where he will conduct exclusive Platinum Vocal Workshops at JMC Academy nationally.

How to conduct a white balance

White balancing is the process of calibrating all the colours in your camera, and removing unrealistic colour casts to ensure you get the best quality footage. This is a crucial step for any film maker.

JMC Academy Presents Spring Music Sessions.

JMC Academy music students will be performing a free gig at Queen Street Mall in Brisbane, on Thursday, October 30th.

Pro Tools: Creating a new session.

In this short Pro Tools tutorial series, we'll demonstrate the basics of Pro Tools, including creating a new session, setting up individual tracks, recording, mixing, and exporting (AKA bouncing out).

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