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Creating a successful crowd funding campaign

How do you create a successful crowd funding campaign? This was a question that JMC Academy FTV students Brodie Pyke, Leah Pellinkhof, Tara O’Connell, Zanetta Potestas and Sharyn Es had to answer. The group formed a film collective to raise funds for their upcoming projects.


Schlogger: (noun); a vocabulary trifecta combining the words scholarship, blogger and slogger.

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For those of you wanting a little more detail regarding career opportunities in the growing areas of Animation, Film and TV, Music, Game Design, Entertainment Management and Audio Engineering, this session is for you.

James Reyne performs 'Reckless' at JMC Academy Sydney Campus launch.

JMC Acdemy was honoured to have Aussie music legend, James Reyne perform at our recent Sydney Campus launch. Just James and guitar – watch his spine tingling performance of his hit ‘Reckless’.

Lecturer Profile: Kylie Whitney - Audio Engineering & Sound Production.

From being an audio student at JMC Academy herself, to now being a full time Audio Engineering & Sound Production lecturer as well as an Engineer at Love Hz studios in Leichardt, Sydney, Kylie tells us about how she came to love music & audio, and her journey through the industry so far.

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